ICED2016 travel Scholarships for Patients & Carers

ICED2016 travel Scholarships for Patients & Carers - Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders

Application Deadline: January 15, 2016*

Five travel/registration scholarships for people from the global patient-carer community, at $1500 each.
*Main application. Letters of Recommendation extended until Jan 19, 2016.

Guide to Eligibility

1. Must be a member of AED as of January 2016
2. Demonstrated activity in terms of eating disorder advocacy, education, and/or outreach in the Patient-Carer community.
3. Ability to translate and transfer knowledge gleaned from conference participation to their regional or online Patient-Carer community.
4. Demonstrated need for financial support and/or lack of other sources of support to fund conference attendance. 

Applicants should submit the following materials:

• Personal statement: In 800 words or less, tell us about yourself, including your interests and current work in the field of eating disorders, the funding issues that make your travel difficult to the annual conference, and a clear plan on how you plan to share the knowledge/skills learned at the conference with the patient-carer/eating disorder community in your home region.
• Current Curriculum Vitae (includes academic degrees, appointments/recent employment history, teaching activities, community activities, references or any publications or presentations at eating disorder conferences/meetings/seminars).
• Two letters of recommendation from associates/co-workers/others who can speak to your activities in the field of eating disorders.
All application materials should be sent electronically to AED Headquarters no later than January 15, 2016.


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