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Forging Ahead

I am writing this at Newark Airport sitting on the none too clean ground next to an outlet trying to catch some free wifi.  The plane I was scheduled to leave on at 3:00 pm was cancelled and everything else to Toronto has been grounded.  So here I am bone tired, on a dirty carpet, sipping a cup of cold tea and typing a post.  Not a very auspicious launch of the new F.E.A.S.T. Blog.  I would much rather be home in my familiar and comfortable bed but perhaps this is more fitting as there is really nothing familiar, comfortable or easy about eating disorders.     I am on my way home from ICED  (more on that later in week).  Our Laura Collins was given this year's AED Advocacy award . It is hard to convey just how moving this was in real time (suffice to say there were a lot of tear stained faces and mad standing and clapping at the end). Like many, many other parents I credit F.E.A.S.T. with saving my daughter's life. I was lucky to find ATDT early and through the forum I le