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Nine Wonderful Truths

F.E.A.S.T. is committed to a coalition-building model of advocacy work.  It is one of our bedrock principles: a committed to a coalition-building model of advocacy work that requires mutual respect among caregivers, professionals, and patients. In April, a group of representatives from 13 eating disorder advocacy groups and professional organizations sat around a table in Boston.  A group comprised of professionals, caregivers and patients sat around this table, eating lunch, and talking about points of connection and how best to work together in service.   The starting point, it was decided, would be the basics, identifying a clear and unified message that all agreed upon. This is important.  Very important.  A unified message based on current scientific knowledge about a group of illnesses that has been poorly understood for so long.  This is so beneficial for families. It is a new baseline.  It is a place where families can start and it can inform what they ask for and what they

Advocacy Mondays: 5 Questions Answered by Alec Rodney

1.   How did you find your path to parent-advocacy?   I spent the early part of my working career in public policy.  I always admired those with a passion for advocacy but I didn't feel connected enough to a single cause.  Low and behold Eating Disorders found me (via my daughter) and I had a reason to become passionate.  Why?  Because, for most of us, the system feels like it is working against us when we are trying to help our children.  The fact that there is so much outdated and bad information about eating disorders still circulating strengthened my drive to be an advocate for change. 2. What does your advocacy work consist of/ how do you define advocacy?   Advocacy can be defined in many ways.  I believe any time we can EDucate someone about the truth behind eating disorders we are advocating.  My daughter has wanted to keep a low profile regarding her illness.  I have respected that and kept my efforts “behind the scenes” sharing our story with family and close