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F.E.A.S.T. Highlights of 2015

What has F.E.A.S.T. been doing all year?  Read on... Caregiver Support on "Around the Dinner Table" Forum F.E.A.S.T.’s “Around the Dinner Table” Forum (ATDT) marked its 11th year in existence as a go-to place for caregivers of eating disorder patients to find support, information, and empowerment. Forum topics ranged from concerns about the transition to college, struggle to achieve weight restoration, signs of recovery and how long does it take, feeling ‘stuck’ and not sure how to proceed with treatment. Many experienced caregivers with loved ones in recovery continue to visit the forum and mentor new members by sharing experiences, providing links to resources and answering questions about providers or programs available in their corner of the world. Special thanks goes to the ATDT ‘Mod Squad’ who volunteer their time to welcome new members, enforce the rules, and share their knowledge and skills while inspiring hope for recovery. 2015 ATDT Forum Stat

Advocacy Mondays with Judy Krasna

1. How did you find your path to parent advocacy? Trust me, I never set out to be a parent advocate. After I started helping other parents find treatment for their children, I came to realize that my own frustrating treatment experience was the norm and not the exception. I became extremely frustrated at the lack of effective treatment here in Israel and at how parents were either marginalized or blamed altogether; and at some point, almost as a knee jerk reaction, I threw my hat in the ring as a parent advocate. I do not want any parent to feel as helpless and as scared as I was, and I don’t want to accept the current treatment situation as “the best that we can do”. There is better, and I am working to try and get better eating disorder treatment for Israeli patients and families.   2. What does your advocacy work consist of/how do you define advocacy? To me, advocacy is about supporting people who need help and trying to promote change by fixing faulty or broken s

Parents and Carers: Please consider participating in this survey by Sept 7th, 2015

Parent/Carer insight sought to assist in developing early identification resources. The team at the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders are currently developing an early intervention resource package in direct response to feedback provided by parents and carers. The aim is to have the package available for families and carers at the first point where they seek help. This resource specifically aims to assist parents or carers to determine how concerned they should be about their young person; what eating disorders are and are not; when to escalate access to treatment; where to seek treatment and what to expect; and what parents can be doing at home in the meantime. A focus group was undertaken with 15 parents and they are now wanting to expand on the very valuable learnings gleaned from the group through wider survey. So, if you could please take the time to take the survey and to forward (via the link below) on to any families you think will be willing to assist

Why it's time to Show Up, STAND UP for Eating Disorders

By: Cherie’ Monarch This monster came from nowhere. It swooped into your life. It blindsided you. It crippled you or paralyzed your loved one. It held them captive and made them unable to see. No one understands. No one gets it. You try to explain to friends and family. They think it's a choice. You try to enlist the support from your medical doctor. They just think it's a phase. You are desperately calling insurance companies — trying to get them to understand the medical necessity. The urgency. You are battling for your life. You're battling for your loved one ’ s life. Their response? “ You have to be really sick to get treatment. ” It ’ s a race against time. You are spinning. Gasping for air. Trying to find somebody who will listen. Somebody who will help you breathe. Somebody who will understand. Somebody who will hold your hand. Imagine … Imagine you are standing on the west lawn of the Capitol of the United States. You're overlooking The M