Parents and Carers: Please consider participating in this survey by Sept 7th, 2015

Parent/Carer insight sought to assist in developing early identification resources.

The team at the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders are currently developing an early intervention resource package in direct response to feedback provided by parents and carers. The aim is to have the package available for families and carers at the first point where they seek help.

This resource specifically aims to assist parents or carers to determine how concerned they should be about their young person; what eating disorders are and are not; when to escalate access to treatment; where to seek treatment and what to expect; and what parents can be doing at home in the meantime.

A focus group was undertaken with 15 parents and they are now wanting to expand on the very valuable learnings gleaned from the group through wider survey.

So, if you could please take the time to take the survey and to forward (via the link below) on to any families you think will be willing to assist with the research.

Please note that the survey closes at 5 pm on Sept 7th, 2015

Looking back, what did you notice first?  What were the early signs or points of concern?


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